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About us

National Solar Energy is an industry leader in solar panel installation

At National Solar Energy, we are passionate about providing quality, well-priced solar products to residential and commercial clients. We want to help you achieve clean and free electricity.
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About us

About National Solar Energy

Here at National Solar Energy, we work hard to make clean solar energy affordable and easy to access for homes and businesses all over Australia.

Our mission

By providing affordable and accessible solar panel installations all over Australia, we want to help as many homes and businesses as possible to start generating clean solar energy.

We are proud to have a direct positive impact on the environment by reducing the Australia's reliance on fossil fuels and non-renewable energy.

Technician installing solar panels

Our approach

To make solar energy more accessible, we keep our prices as competitive as possible by buying our solar panels in bulk and offering them to consumers at wholesale prices. We also offer flexible financing options for businesses to install solar systems.

We employee a team of qualified technicians who handle all our solar installations. By having our own installation team, we can ensure the quality of our work as well keeping costs lower by avoiding subcontractors.

Solar panels on a corrugated iron roof