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Residential solar battery storage

Get the most out of your solar system with effective battery storage

The team at National Solar Energy can recommend the best equipment and battery configuration to suit your specific needs. Get in touch for friendly advice or to get a quote.
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Residential solar
Residential batteries

How you can save with residential solar batteries

As your solar panels generate energy during the day, your battery system will store any excess power that you don't use immediately. You can then draw from the stored power at night.

  • Store excess power generated during the day
  • Draw from stored energy at night
  • Save on energy bills
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Our team can answer your questions and give you advice about residential solar panel and battery systems.

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Inspection and quote

We will organise an inspection for your property and generate a detailed quote for your solar panels and battery system.

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Our technicians will install solar panels, inverter, and batteries for your home. You’ll usually be connected on the same day.

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Save money

Once your solar panels and battery system is installed, you will start saving on your power bills and emissions immediately.

Installation process

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Our team is ready for all of your enquiries about solar system

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Inspection and quote

We will come and do the inspection and provide you a detailed report along with the quote



We usually start the installation after 1-2 weeks after you sign the contract


Professional Installation

Once your solar panels are installed, you will start saving in electricity bills and carbon emissions.


Solar Inspection

We require the National Energy Safe to conduct inspections, which are generally completed within 4-6 weeks. ** Depending on region of installation, for certain region, external or third party inspection will not be required **



After we receive the inspector’s safety certificate, we will help you submit an application for acceptance. Once completed, your energy supplier will notify you.

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We've helped people all over Australia get the benefits of clean solar energy.

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Frequently asked questions

How quickly can you install my solar panels?

Our team can move fast! Depending on the details of your location and project, we can typically have your solar panels, inverter, and batteries installed and connected to the grid within just a few weeks of you contacting us.

How much will my system cost?

This depends on a number of factors, including your altitude, geographic location, the pitch of your roof, and the specifications of your system.

Rest assured that we offer affordable and competitive prices, and we can match other written quotes. We can also help you with accessing the rebates and incentives available in your area.

Is it better to store excess power or sell it back to the grid?

While this depends on the specific details of your home and your system, it is usually more cost effective to store excess power with a solar battery storage system. This is because your household will very likely need to use electricity at night when your solar aren't generating any power. The power you will need to draw from the grid will also be more expensive than the rate you receive for selling your solar power back to the grid.