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Commercial solar panels

Reduce your operating costs with a commercial solar system

At National Solar Energy, we can recommend and install commercial solar panels to meet the specific needs of your business. With financing options available, your business will be cash positive from day 1.
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Commercial solar

Choose the leaders in commercial solar

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Competitive prices

We buy panels in bulk so we can install them at wholesale prices. We'll even beat other quotes.

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Leading technology

We only install tier 1 solar panels, so you get the best system with financing options available.

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Outstanding service

Our professional team will work around the needs of your business and install your system in no time.

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Long warranties

Your solar panels are a business asset, so they have long warranties on panels and installation.

Commercial solar financing

Because we only use reliable tier 1 solar panels, banks will finance your commercial solar system. So your business can be cash positive from the day of installation.

With flexible commercial financing options and the instant asset write-off available for eligible businesses, your business can access a range of financial benefits when you install solar.

  • 4 to 7 years financing available from Macquarie Bank
  • Instant asset write-off available for businesses
  • Cash positive from day 1
  • Wholesale solar panel pricing with free installation
  • Commercial solar rebates available
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Get in touch

Tell us about your business needs and we can advise you on the solar systems, financing, and rebates.

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Inspection and quote

We will organise an inspection for your premises and generate a detailed quote, including installation time frames.

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Our technicians will install your panels, inverter, and batteries. Your business will usually be connected to the grid on the same day.

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Start saving

With commercial financing options available, your business will start saving on energy costs and will be cash positive from day 1.

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Get expert advice for commercial solar panels

Commercial solar technology

At National Solar Energy, we only use tier 1 solar panels. Not only does this give you best result with the reliable equipment, but it also means you can obtain business financing for your solar system.

Our team will recommend the best options for you based on your business requirements and location, roof pitch, and budget. No matter what type of system we install, all our equipment and work is covered by long warranty periods to protect your business asset.

  • 5-year warranty on installation work
  • 12-year solar panel warranty
  • 10-year extendable inverter warranty
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Solar panel battery.

Commercial solar batteries

Solar batteries form an important part of your commercial solar systems. Your solar battery system will store excess energy generated by your solar panels, allowing your business to draw on the stored energy at time of inconsistent sun light.

Storing energy with a battery system is typically a more cost effective solution for your business than selling excess energy back to the grid. Your battery system also can be configured in a number of ways to suit your specific business needs.

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Frequently asked questions

How quickly can you install my solar panels?

Our team can move fast! Depending on the details of your location and project, we can typically have your solar panels, inverter, and batteries installed and connected to the grid within just a few weeks of you contacting us.

How much will my system cost?

This depends on a number of factors, including your altitude, geographic location, the pitch of your roof, and the specifications of your system.

Rest assured that we offer affordable and competitive prices, and we can match other written quotes. We can also help you with accessing the rebates and incentives available in your area.

Is there financing available for commercial solar panels?

Yes, we work with leading solar finance companies to give business owners flexible options for installing solar systems. With solar financing, you can start saving on your operating costs immediately so your business is cash positive from day 1.

Our team can advise you on all your financing options, and we can guide you through the whole process — from application to installation.

What type of solar system is best for my business?

This depends on a number of factors, including your location and the specific details of your premises. In some cases, commercial premises have a lot of available roof space which can be used for a comprehensive solar array.

Our team can help recommend a solar system which suits you business needs, including your budget and the amount of energy you want to generate.