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Service & maintenance

Get expert support for your solar system

At National Solar Energy, all our solar systems are backed by long warranty periods. See our technical support information here or make a service or warranty request.
Service & Maintenance

Service and maintenance

Here at National Solar Energy, we work hard to provide technical support and maintenance for our customers.

Technical Support

On this page, you will find quick answers and solutions to your technical issues. Usually when there is fault within the solar system, the fault will likely be in the accessories (DC, AC breakers and parts) or inverter. If you have a technical issue, please go through the quick solutions and shutdown procedure below. If the system still does not work after you have followed the shutdown procedure, please submit the Service Request form with completed information. We will assist all customers by lodging a claim to the manufacturer on behalf of the customer. Alternatively, you may wish to visit the manufacturer’s website to lodge a claim.

ABB Australia 1800 769 663 http://new.abb.com/au
JFY 1300 368 488 http://jfytech.com.au/service/
Latronics 1300 550 204 http://www.latronics.com.au/
SMA Australia 02 9491 4200 http://www.sma-australia.com.au/
Sungrow 1300 201 106 http://www.sungrowpower.com.au/
Zeversolar 1300 101 883 https://www.zeversolar.com/

In the event of an emergency, please follow the shutdown procedure below to turn off your solar system.

Roof problems

We take pride in our solar installations and all installations are in accordance with Australian Standards. Rest assured that solar installations will not cause any harm to your roof. However, should you experience any roof leakage or other roof issues, we will assist with the investigation of a roof leakage. We provide a 5-year workmanship warranty as we are certain that our solar installations are safe and reliable.

Bill questions

If you have any questions about your energy bills, please check with your energy retailer.

Quick solutions

The table below lists all the common errors and instructions that you will find useful to resolve your problem efficiently and effectively.

Brand of inverter Error code/message Resolution Download
JFY DC Failure Submit warranty claim at
JFY Service Center
Zeversolar 34: Vac Fault Please download the PDF Zeversolar-e34.pdf
Zeversolar Please download the PDF Zeversolar-troubleshooting-guide.pdf
Sungrow 1300 201 106 http://www.sungrowpower.com.au/
Zeversolar 1300 101 883 https://www.zeversolar.com/

Our service process

Below is an outline of our entire service process and our regular processing time is 30 working days. Service requests are dependent on the handling and processing procedure of the manufacturers and/or suppliers.

1. Shut down procedure

Simply follow the steps below to shut down your entire solar system. Sometimes, a simple restart could help to make your system functional again, just like rebooting a computer.

Instructions for Shutdown Procedure:

  • Step 1: Go to your switchboard and open it. Locate the Solar Supply Main Switch and flick the switch to the off position.
  • Step 2: If your solar power inverter is more than 3 metres away from your switchboard, you must locate the switch marked, Solar AC Isolator. This will be located next to your inverter. If your inverter and switchboard are within 3 metres of each other, disregard this step
  • Step 3: Go to your inverter and find the switch marked PV Array and DC Isolator. Flick this switch to the off (O) position (in some cases there will be two switches). The off (O) position is usually downwards and the on (I) position is upwards.
  • Step 4: Your inverter may have a switch marked Inverter Isolator. If it does, flick this switch to the off position. If you cannot locate this switch on your inverter, skip this step. Your solar PV system should now be completely switched off. All lights and screen displays will be dead. Keep the system off for a minimum of five minutes.
  • Step 5: To re­start your system, follow this guide in reverse. Simply, flick all switches back on in the same order that they were switched off but in reverse. *Please note any changes to the inverter

2. Monitor and observe

Monitor the LCD screen on your inverter after you have completed the shut down procedure. If there are stable green lights and no error message on the LCD screen, congratulations your solar system is working again. If there are red lights and/or error message, please take a photo of the LCD screen and attach it to the form below.

3. Complete the service request form

Submit the form below with all required fields completed and all files attached.

*Please note: Failure to provide full information and photos may delay the process of warranty claim.

4. Diagnose and resolution

Once we have received your form, we endeavour to diagnose the issue and respond to your service request within three business days. In case of emergency, please shut down your solar system.

5. Next steps

Usually the fault will lie within the inverter or the accessories (DC, AC breakers and other parts). Depending on what the fault is, we will advise you via email what are the next steps to take. We may either arrange for an inspection to further confirm if the fault lies within the accessories or we will lodge a claim with the manufacturer if the fault is with the inverter. Service call charges shall be applicable but not limited to the following situations

  • False or inaccurate claims
  • Warranty no longer valid

Please refer to service request form below for more information.